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  1. Memorabilia
  2. Playful Sustainability
  3. Take Hold of the Clouds
  4. Melbourne International Student Week
  5. Writing Art Illustration
  6. Mine Yours
  7. Who’s Afraid of the Public spaces?
  8. To: 
  9. The Game of Research
  10. Another Trip to the Zoo
  11. Post Covid Life in Beijing
  12. Web for Digital Ethnography Research Centre
  13. Design for Protest
  14. The Interpretation of Dreams
  15. Hometown Glory
  16. The Reading Community



©2022-whyy atelier

Yue Yang (YY)


IG: @whyy_atelier



Memorabilia: Eyeing Mirror through the window of a gift shop, artist and designer YY proposes a miscellany of hypothetical memorabilia—keepsakes inspired by each of the seven works by other artists in this collection—designed to burn a hole in your pocket and fill a hole in your heart. — Jon Tjhia 

Playful Sustainability

︎Preview:  A research of intergrating material literacy and illustrative methodology together as a new design/illustration language that speaks for playful sustainability. 

Take Hold of the Clouds 

Take Hold of the Clouds, Open House Melbourne 2022. Publication available to purchase from here.
Visual identity, publication, map illustration and website design contemplating around accessbilities, designing along with Fayen d’Evie and Luke Rigby︎︎︎

Melbourne International Student Week

Illustration commission for Melbourne International Student Week 

<Writing Art>

Bowen Street Press

Editorial illustrations for Bowen Street Press’s upcoming magazine.

 <Mine Yours>

Bowen Street Press

Cover Design for Bowen Street Press magazine, Mine Yours

Who's Afraid of the Public Space?

Group visual identity project for Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (ACCA), Melbourne.
Read more about the exhibition ︎︎︎

To: Those who talked/talk/will be talking about typogrpahy  

Publication Design (Longlisted:ABDA Best Designed Student Book) 

The Game of Research, A Graphic Novel on How to Tackle a Project

Publication Design, illustration and research on design assignment progress

Another Trip to the Zoo Volume 1

Publication Design for children

Zine:Post Covid Life in Beijing

Home studio made zine with illustrations composed with chats and random documentation around the illustrative documentation through the lense of phones.

Design for Protest: Our Wages Matter!

Poster designs that investigate how wages(yes, some copywritting consideration: mulitple forms of wages not only salary but also social benefits and etc) matter for all people with diverse social/cultural backgrounds.

The Interpretation of Dreams, Poetic Research

Honours Degree project: A documentation of my interpretation of dreams.
Research on how dream was composed using digital manipulation and transformation. The research consists of instagram post that mimic the social media intervention of documentation (also documented on an actual instagram page: @_adreama). It also consists of home based installation that experimented and test on documenting and reveal the dreams are captured as still images (does it or does it not translate the message?)

Hometown Glory, Textiles

Screenprinted textile design inspired by the butterfly pattern and the mostly missed Chinese landscape where the butterflies are located at.

The Reading Community, Making Books About Reading.

handmade book in Home studio that focusing on the invisible group of the reading community -- People who read wherever and whenever